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Architects of Memory reviews:

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An Interview with Karen Osborne at author A.C. Wise’s website

So Architects draws all of the gorgeous tropes I’ve loved in space opera all my life—found families, truly alien aliens, complicated relationships, twisty wild macropolitics—as well as a bunch of questions I had surrounding how corporations and corporate-adjacent entities like nonprofits and megachurches might metastasize in the future.

Off The Shelf Interview w/ Karen Osborne with the Thunder Bay Public Library

“In my opinion, few other genres are suffused with as much sheer, utter possibility and ability to be creative as science fiction. Space is so mild-bendingly large and so full of mysteries, and even with all the science we’ve done in our history as a species we’ve only just started to understand it. In science fiction, you can play with all of these cool possibilities and neat gadgets and have some gonzo space battles while getting really deep into the human condition and into relationships and feelings and what makes us tick. It’s just plain fun.”

Five Books Where Assuming Aliens Are Just Like You Might Get You Killed on

“Pay attention, eager first-contacter, and put aside all of your human classifications and assumptions, or you’re going to find yourself in trouble—just like some of the characters in these books.”

The Big Idea: Karen Osborne on Scalzi’s Whatever

“Creativity is not some heavenly state divorced of care; it is a chronology of pain and nausea and viscera and breathing and moving and being. And so is science fiction.”

Interview on the COFFEE IN SPACE podcast

Podcast about Architects of Memory, short fiction, and writing in this day and age

Interview on THE FANTASY INN podcast

Podcast about Architects of Memory, playing the theremin, getting through quarantine, and why private companies will win the space race


Reading and discussion of short story “Slingshot Protocol,”
an Architects-verse short story